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No Man Is
An Island


We are not called to be the same.  We are called to be together.  We are not called to be alone.  We are called to be one. The early church was not known for their size or even for their effectiveness.  They were known by their love one for another.  The Associated Brotherhood of Christians is the connection that unifies us despite our differences. Fellowship will allow us to support the great work that God is calling each of us to in these last days.

There are several ways that fellowship is promoted within the association.



Local churches within cities and states meet together in fellowship, worship, workshops or various other means of connection and resource sharing.

There are national events and conferences that allow member ministers and affiliated church members alike to come together in fellowship to worship together, grow through shared resources, and receive the strength they need to build the Kingdom of God.

The General Conference is held each July in Hot Springs, AR. The annual business meeting also takes place during this meeting.  There is also a Conference held in Noxapater, Mississippi in October and a Missions Conference held in Nashville, TN in March.

Find members and affiliated churches in our directory.



Youth Events

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The ABofC has several different youth events annually designed to bring the youth of our world together to encounter God’s presence and receive teaching that will enable them to face the world they return to at the end of the event.  Click below for more information.

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